Domac-Traffic Lights for Hire

Portable traffic lights are absolutely perfect for controlling and managing traffic during roadworks. Well-managed traffic flow will keep the work area safer and will give you a better opportunity to concentrate on other important aspects of your project, drastically reducing the amount of time the whole process will take, while more importantly, keeping everyone safe in the meantime.

If you’re organising a roadworks project and are in need of portable traffic lights Domac Hire is here to provide first-class assistance at a very affordable price. Our lights are solar-powered and designed with quality in mind – the LED lighting provides the brightness required to ensure its easily seen by every driver, day or night.

Solar Countdown Lights

  • Scrolling lights without cables.
  • Display countdown time remaining integrated into the yellow flashing light.
  • The countdown informs drivers and prevents them from violating the red light sign.
  • Sturdy, ergonomic and easy to install.
  • Solar assisted charging to minimise battery exchange.

Radar Controlled Lights


  • Solar assisted with built in 110v battery charger.
  • Chapter 8 compliant.
  • Our VA Radar portable traffic signals can support up to 7 units in a Daisy Chain operational mode - master and up to 6 slaves.
  • The Daisy Chain operational mode is used when there is a need to regulate the traffic when the construction zone revolves around the T-junction, Cross Junction or Roundabouts and when there are more than 2 traffic entrances to the construction zone.
  • In a Daisy Chain mode, each PTS unit will go to the Green signal phase in turn, and then all units will move to all-red

24/7 Traffic Lights

  • Ideal for medium / long term deployment running 24/7.
  • Solar powered with built in 110v battery charger.
  • Will run for months without any attention.
  • Countdown or VA Radar controlled.