Domac Plant & Machinery Hire

If you are looking for high-quality plant hire Ireland services, we are happy to help you. Domac Hire & Sales offers industry-renowned machinery that has proved its efficiency over time.

Why Choose Domac Plant Hire?


Our company comprises an extraordinary variety of equipment available at different locations. We provide plant hire Galway, Athlone, and Ballinasloe services so that you can get machinery at the most comfortable place for you.

Multitude of Applications


Domac Hire & Sales serves both individuals and enterprises. You can rent our equipment to complete any small and large projects. Notably, our machinery is suitable for:


  • building, engineering and constructing;
  • transporting materials to and from the work area;
  • shifting goods around industrial yards or factory units;
  • demolishing and removing rubbish;
  • landscaping, groundwork and rolling lawns;

  • trench filling and pouring concrete;
  • indoor restructuring and renovations.


Even if you deal with limited-access or confined areas, our team will provide you with suitable equipment.

High-Quality Machinery from Leading Manufacturers


Domac Hire & Sales comprises equipment of different sizes, operating weight, depth and width. We work with major producers to supply our customers with superior machinery. You are sure to get:


  • highly manoeuvrable machines;
  • improved speed and frequency;
  • safe handling and control.

Our plant tool hire specialists take care of machinery, its fixtures and fittings to guarantee the best quality to clients.

Genuine Cost Saving


Domac Hire & Sales provides exceptionally powerful and environmentally friendly machinery. We’ll guarantee an exceptional combination of payload and efficiency that saves your budget.

Professional Advice on Equipment


If you are not sure what machinery to choose, our specialists will gladly assist you. Galway plant hire experts will explain the technical characteristics of equipment and clarify any questions you have. We’ll help you choose machinery to suit your requirements and fit the space.


You’ll get maximum job site productivity by choosing appropriate plant hire.